Data Dialogues with Marianne Lien, Catharina Sletner and Tore Wig (Antroprog)

The goal of Data Dialogues is to start open conversations with different academics about data related subjects.

This time the conversation will be between social anthropologists Marianne Lien and Catharina Sletner, and political scientist Tore Wig about their ideas concerning how to ensure the quality of data. The conversation will be based on their contributions to the debate forum in “Morgenbladet” where Tore started the conversation with a proposition to create a symbol for research neutrality as quality assurance, which first Catharina and eventually Marianne responded to. We will discuss the following statements and why they are all so involved in this public discussion. At the start of the event we will provide a short recap of these contributions for those who have not had the opportunity to read it themselves 🙂

It is important to emphasize that this will not be a debate but a conversation where professionals can air their ideas and respond to each other, in a respectful manner 🙂 At the end of the conversation there will be 15 – 20 minutes set aside for questions or comments.

This will be an incredibly interesting event, and open for everybody, so be sure to press “going” (in the event on Facebook)! The zoom link will be published in this (Facebook) event on March 1st. See you then!

For those who wish to read the entire Morgenbladet conversations, here is the link to the original article (note that it is in Norwegian and requires a 10kr membership fee):