Digital Anthro-Breakfast (Antrofrokost) with Håkon Fyhn (23.04.21)

Hi, dear anthropology co-students!

We hope you are well 😄

SAPU will arrange a digital anthro-breakfast (Antrofrokost) where Håkon Fyhn from NTNU will talk about being present despite distance. (It will be in English!)

Logically, we cannot offer breakfast in this event, but it is a great opportunity to start the day with other fellow students and get some inspiration for the day ahead! You are free to have breakfast and sip coffee or tea while we listen to Håkon Fyhn semi-lecture. ☕️

Practical info:
Meeting ID: 613 9513 7688

– Remember to turn off the microphone when you are not talking, so that we avoid unnecessary noise.However, we encourage you to have a video so that it is nice and social!

The arrangement for the event will be that Håkon Fyhn starts with his lecture / presentation. After this there will be an opportunity for some discussion / questions. Press the «hand-raising sign», or signal in other ways that you have a question / thought, or you can type in the chat function on the side panel if you wish.We hope to see you through the screen on Friday 23 April at 09:00!