Diskusip med SAF // Gjest: Karoline Andaur!!! (09/06/21 – 19:00)

Welcome to this semester’s last diskusip with social anthropologist and general secretary in WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Karoline Andaur! She has a masters degree in social anthropology with fieldwork about quality maintenance on a salmon farming factory in Puerto Montt in the south of Chile. Karoline Andaur also has a bachelor in social psychology. Join us for an exciting, relaxed and educational evening where we will hear more about her work in WWF and how it is to combine anthropology with environmental work and sustainable development. In addition to this, get a little tips for students who wish to take an anthropological turn like her. The event will be held in Norwegian.

Zoom link will be published closer to the event! OPS, if the link can’t be found in the info, it might help to take a look in the discussion section 😉

We look forward to seeing you there :D!

Diskusip is an event series for students of Anthropology that want to meet and hear the stories of anthropologists from outside the institute ‘on’ UiO. It is usually arranged multiple times each semester. A guest is invited to share something about their academic background, work place, their fieldwork and other things they want to share. In addition, the students get the opportunity to ask questions about the guests experience being an anthropologist in or outside of Norway. The events are currently held on Zoom.

SAF is the student organization in charge of planning social events for the students partaking in studies at the Institute of Social Anthropology at UiO.