«6 perspectives on food production and pandemics» Webinar by SUM. 10th of august.

What are the connections between food production and pandemics? Pandemics are a highly relevant starting point to study the global political and economic systems related to the food industry. The Covid-19 pandemic has made governments, health organizations and citizens in general painfully aware of the entanglement of changing patterns of food production and consumption and lethal pathogens. 

On August 10th 18:00-19:30 six experts will share their perspectives on the issue. Register for the public webinar arranged by Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM) by following the link below.


This webinar is arranged by Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), which is a «dynamic, international research centre with broad expertise within social and environmental sustainability. We use an interdisciplinary approach to understand local and global challenges and how they can be solved.» More information about SUM here.