The Departmental Seminar Series features Laura Ogden (Sep. 22)

«Loss and Wonder at the World’s End»

Laura Ogden is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Dartmouth College. 


Laura A. Ogden will present from her new book entitled Loss and Wonder at the World’s End (Duke 2021). In the book, she brings together animals, people, and things— from beavers, stolen photographs, lichen, American explorers, and bird song–to catalog the ways environmental change and colonial history are entangled in the Fuegian Archipelago of southernmost Chile and Argentina. Ogden archives forms of loss—including territory, language, sovereignty, and life itself—as well as forms of wonder, or moments when life continues to flourish even in the ruins of these devastations.

Her account draws on long-term ethnographic research with settler and Indigenous communities; archival photographs; explorer journals; as well as experiments in natural history and performance studies. Loss and Wonder at the World’s End frames environmental change as imperialism’s shadow, a darkness cast upon the Earth in the wake of other losses.

Time and place: Sep. 22, 2021 14:15 – 16:00, Meeting room 512/Zoom

The link to Zoom can be found in the original post underneath the picture of the speaker 🙂

«Instituttseminaret SAI» or «The Departmental Seminar Series» is a departmental seminar series at which invited speakers  present findings of their Research. The aim of these seminars is to share insight, exchange perspectives and discuss topics that are of relevance for academic research of the discipline social anthropology. The series gather graduate students and anthropologist from the various research institutions in the Oslo region. Guests are welcome and encouraged!