T-shirt Design Contest!

Help us design our first SAPU produced T-shirt 🙂

Hi everyone! SAPU is doing a T-shirt competition for SOSANT! We aim to create some nerdy casualware for you all to enjoy, hopefully with your involvement 😀

The backstory of the competition

In an 1st year MA group chat about a month ago, a student shared an Evans-Pritchard’s quote from a class reading that said Anyone who is not a complete idiot can do fieldwork,” and the SAPU Co-leader Malene made a comment that we should turn that quote into a T-shirt. Now we are arranging this contest to involve all the students from SOSANT in the production!


This is how we want to do it. For the remainder of the month, until the 1st of November, anyone who has a design idea for the T-shirt can send it to our Study Activity Coordinator, Jake Ference, at jakehf@student.sv.uio.no with the heading “T-shirt contest.” Then, we will create a way for you all (both BAs and MAs) to vote on the different designs, so you can all vote for the ones you like the most. Prices for the T-shirts will be posted after the competition.

The guidelines for the contest are these:

  • 1. The design must include the outlined Evans-Prichard quote in some capacity «Anyone who is not a complete idiot can do fieldwork«

  • 2. You have to submit your idea before November 1st, 2021

  • 3. Your design idea can come in any form. So, if you want to just type “Hey I think the shirt should look like this, blah blah blah,” or if you want to go into a design tool of your choice and submit a mock design photo, both of those are allowed. Design photos will be added to the polls so voters can see it for themselves. Also, don’t feel limited to the actual quote, you are allowed to go all artistic, just make sure the quote shines through somehow!

  • 4. Design ideas will be posted as polls so that all BA and MA students can vote on their favorite. The design with the overall highest number of votes will be the winning design.

  • 5. The winner of the contest will get a shirt for free and a bag of twist as a prize.

If you have any questions you can contact Jake Ference on jakehf@student.sv.uio.no and he will respond to your questions 😀