Anthrobeakfast W. Keir Martin (Time: 09:00 – 10:00, 03/11/2021)

SAPU Presents Anthrobreakfast with Keir Martin!

SAPU invites you to attend the return of Anthrobreakfast! Professor of Social Anthropology Keir Martin will be presenting his current research project, “Shrinking the Planet”, looking at how the industry of Psychotherapy has rapidly expanded among the Chinese middle class. Keir will also be discussing the ways that anthropology can continue to engage in our changing world, both with the new forms of colonial entanglements that are coming into being, and how we can continue to think through the legacy of the old ones.

The event will have free breakfast and coffee for attendees, and we will have the space for two hours giving plenty of time for students to ask questions at the end of the presentation and relax with their peers.

A bit of formal info

The event officially goes from 09:00 to 10:00, where we will have Keir’s presentation and a short discussion/Q&A. However, we do have the room until 11:00, so people are able to stay and socialize before going off to class. We have been really excited to bring this event back in its original form as we have been restricted during the pandemic.

We hope to see you all there! 

Time: 09:00 – 10:00, 03/11/2021

Place: Store Møterom, at GS behind the cafeteria on the second floor

Anthrobreakfast is an event run by SAPU where a member of the SAI department (or other affiliate departments) presents their current research interests, as well as an overarching discussion on modern anthropology. It is a casual event where students can hear a short 30-45 minute presentation and then discuss and socialize with each other as well as the speaker. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students and professors.