Anthrobreakfast with Karin Ahlberg – 19/11/2021!

Anthrobreakfast with Karin Ahlberg

SAPU invites you to join us for our 2nd Anthrobreakfast of the semester, this time featuring one of the newest members of the department, Senior Lecturer Karin Ahlberg.


Karin will be sharing her current research project, looking at how the Suez Canal is mediating mass migration for sea life, moving north through the canal from the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea into the Mediterranean. Karin wants to explore the different afterlives of the Suez Canal, using more-than-human perspectives to teach us how to survive in anthropogenically altered landscapes.

Practical Info

The event will have free breakfast and coffee for attendees, and we will have the space for three hours giving plenty of time for students to ask questions at the end of the presentation and relax with their peers.

The event will be taking place in the “Large Meeting Room” as it is called in the TP system, room 2531. It’s directly behind the cafeteria on the 2nd floor of GS. We will put up some signage to direct people on the 2nd floor. Once the presentation period ends around 10am, Karin will have a discussion/Q&A about her work. Afterwards, students are able to relax and socialize with fellow students and staff for as long as they like (or until we get kicked out of the room).

Anthrobreakfast is an event run by SAPU where a member of the Department of Social Anthropology (or other affiliate departments) presents their current research interests and an overarching discussion on modern anthropology. It is a casual event where students can hear a short 30-45 minute presentation, discuss, and socialize with each other as well as the speaker. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students and professors.