Student Forum with Kenneth Bo Nielsen! 12:00 (GMT+1) 09/12/21

SAPU and SAI invites YOU

Short description:

We invite you to join our open discussion forum with Kenneth Bo Nielsen regarding the new law requiring that every exam that follows the grading scheme, A to F grade, has to be graded by two examiners ⁉️

The event will be held online, and you are free to pose questions in both English and Norwegian.

If you can’t partake, but want your opinions or questions heard, you can send us these via Facebook or mail 🙂

Long description:

Earlier this year the Norwegian parliament approved a new law stating that starting from the autumn of 2022 all exams rated on an A-F scale would require two examiners. Celebrated and hated, this law will cause changes at the university.

How might this end up impacting you as a student?

While the new law was celebrated by many students as a move in the right direction for student rights, it has been opposed by nearly every university in Norway as no additional funding is given to the universities to pay for the expenses of hiring an extra sensor for each exam.

The big question now is how the universities can allocate resources to meet this new demand.

Among the more common suggestions are more pass/fail exams, more multiple-choice exams and cuts in lectures or seminar teaching. But our institute is also open to other more creative and untraditional suggestions. Nothing has been decided yet, but whichever solution is decided upon students will be impacted in some way.

SAI & SAPU would like to hear your ideas!

If you would like to try to affect the changes, come to our student forum with Kenneth Bo Nielsen, head of teaching at SAI, and join an open discussion about how and what we can change in order to make the best out of things.

If you want to join, please prepare yourself by reading these news articles for a general overview of the debate:

Student Forum is a platform that opens up for open debate between the student body and mainly the Institute of Social Anthropology but can be directed at other actors as well. The purpose is to give students, and whatever other part, the oppurtunity to communicate directly.