Don’t miss Antropologidagene («Days of Anthropology») from March 18-19

Antropologidagene is an annual festival started in 2016, where anthropologists from near and far come to give exciting presentations and participate in panel discussions.


The event was born out of a desire to communicate the contribution potential of social anthropology in large as well as small conversations that take place across global communities. An important goal of Antropologidagene is to strengthen academic pride and security among students, and thus motivate them to contribute to a better world through their social anthropological competence.

The Antropologidagene theme for 2022 is «Borders in the modern world». With the constant development and modernization of today’s society, we create, recreate, and continuously change the boundaries between each other and the world. This is something we will explore more during this year’s festival!


Date: March 18-19

Location: Lager11 in Trondheim, Norway

Theme 2022: Borders in the modern world

Festival started: 2016

Antropologidagene («Days of Anthropology») is an annual festival that gathers professional anthropologists and anthropology students for a few days of lectures, learning, and fun.