Arbeidslivsdagene («Career Days») will be held this year from March 7-13

Arbeidslivsdagene is an event for all students of social anthropology thinking about life after graduation and seeking to explore career options.


Are you interested in gaining deeper insights into what we social scientists can do after completing our studies? Then this is the event for you! Participate to meet companies, take part in competitions, and learn through lectures!

In 2022, Arbeidslivsdagene will be held from March 7-13. It’s organized by SVSU, the student committee at UiO’s Faculty of Social Sciences (SV), which is the highest student democracy at the faculty.


Date: March 7-13

Location: Blindern Campus

For more information, continue to follow the Facebook event page below!

Arbeidslivsdagene («Working Life Days») is a career event for social sciences students at UiO.