Presenting the first Anthrobreakfast of 2022 – March 10

Anthrobreakfast is back!

We’re happy to announce that Anthrobreakfast is back in 2022. Find the full event schedule for this semester in the flyer below.

First Anthrobreakfast with Dr. Øyvind Jaer

Join us for the first Anthrobreakfast of the Spring 2022 semester! We are starting the event off with something a little different.

Joining us is Dr. Øyvind Jaer, who was a part of the Social Anthropology department in the 1980s.

Research opportunity for students

Øyvind will be sharing a research opportunity for students looking to continue their Anthropology education through the masters program here at UiO.

His project, «Karchana Village 40 Years After«, will have interested students conduct a reexamination of his doctoral thesis work on the Indian Village of Karchana.

This Anthrobreakfast will cover the wider aspects of who Øyvind is, his previous work, and what this new project would look like, as well as further information on the seminar series that will come in the following weeks for students interesting in taking part in the project.

This is a great opportunity for students to get involved in a once-in-a-lifetime project presented in collaboration with SAPU, the UiO Social Anthropology department, and Øyvind. Come out for an interesting look at research project you can not only learn about, but also take part in.

Anthrobreakfast is an event run by SAPU where a member of the Department of Social Anthropology (or other affiliate departments) presents their current research interests and an overarching discussion on modern anthropology. It is a casual event where students can hear a short 30-45 minute presentation, discuss, and socialize with each other as well as the speaker. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students and professors.