Student research opportunity! Learn more about the «Karchana village 40 years after» project

Are you a Social Anthropology student at UiO wishing to take part in a fascinating project?

There is a great research opportunity for students looking to continue their Social Anthropology education through the masters program at UiO. In charge of the project is Dr. Øyvind Jaer, who was a part of the department in the 1980s.

Øyvind’s project, «Karchana Village 40 Years After«, will have interested students conduct a reexamination of his doctoral thesis work on the village of Karchana, India. This is a great opportunity for students to get involved in a once-in-a-lifetime project presented in collaboration with SAPU, the UiO Social Anthropology department, and Øyvind.

Want more information?

To learn all about this opportunity, check out the project documents kindly provided by Øyvind below! One is a longer version, one a shorter version – and at the end there’s a powerpoint.

All about the Karchana Project – long version
All about the Karchana Project – short version
Karchana Project Powerpoint with photos

Find the Powerpoint files (with lots of photos) below. Warning: This is a large file!

How to proceed

For information regarding taking part in the project students can contact Øyvind Jaer at

For practical information about taking part in the project through the UiO Social Anthropology department, students can contact Kenneth Bo Nielsen at or Jake Ference at