Anthrobreakfast with Dr. Arnd Schneider will take place on April 7th

Welcome back to Anthrobreakfast!

Join us for the third Anthrobreakfast of the Spring 2022 semester with guest lecturer Dr. Arnd Schneider.

Arnd is a professor at UiO’s Department of Social Anthropology. His research includes the themes of contemporary art, visual anthropology, and international migrations; as well as the regions of Sicily, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, and Mexico.

For more on Arnd and his research, visit his academic staff page here.

Interested in nuances behind visual anthropology?

Then Arnd’s presentation is for you.

The professor will speak about his most recent book «Expanded Visions», and especially the last chapter «Can Film Restitute?»

The book description is as follows:

«This book argues for a new anthropology of the moving image, bringing together an important range of essays on time-based media in the contemporary arts and anthropology.

It builds on recent attempts to develop more experimental formats and engages with debates on epistemologies of ethnography, relational aesthetics, materiality, sensory ethnography, and observational and participatory cinema. Arnd Schneider critically revisits Baudrillard’s idea of the simulacrum and the hyperreal, engages with new media theory, and elaborates on the potential of the Writing Culture critique for moving image practices bordering art and anthropology.

This important work will be essential reading for anybody working across the fields of visual anthropology, film and media studies and visual studies.»

Anthrobreafast – full schedule for spring of 2022

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Anthrobreakfast is an event run by SAPU where a member of the Department of Social Anthropology (or other affiliate departments) presents their current research interests and an overarching discussion on modern anthropology. It is a casual event where students can hear a short 30-45 minute presentation, discuss, and socialize with each other as well as the speaker. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students and professors.