Student participants wanted for documentary series about student life at UiO

This is your chance to take part in a documentary series about students at UiO!

Teresia Fant, a documentary director, is currently developing a cool new documentary series that will be about BA students at UiO.

Teresia hopes to get in touch with BA Social Anthropology students who would like to share some of their life as a student at UiO.

Initially, she will be happy to just meet students who are curious about the project. This does not mean that those she meets will have to be in the series. This will also be an opportunity for Teresia to become better acquainted with the study program itself.

All interested BA students can reach out to Teresia on Facebook, or contact her directly by e-mail: or phone +47 46300313.

About the series

The series will provide insights into both the social and academic aspects of studying as a Bachelor’s student, and it will show the joys and challenges of student life.

At this time, the documentary is in an early phase. It’s being supported by the Norwegian Film Institute.

Filming does not start until the next academic year (August), but it may be relevant to test film a little now, during this spring.

About Teresia, the filmmaker

Teresia is a trained documentary director at the Norwegian Film School in Lillehammer. She has directed several short documentaries that have been shown at international festivals, Aftenposten, NRK, and DR.

Her latest documentary Stories from the Shower (Fortellinger fra dusjen) is available on NRK – check it out here!