Arbeidslivsdagene («Career Days») will be held this year from March 7-13

Arbeidslivsdagene is an event for all students of social anthropology thinking about life after graduation and seeking to explore career options. ABOUT Are you interested in gaining deeper insights into what we social scientists can do after completing our studies? Then this is the event for you! Participate to meet companies, take part in competitions,Fortsett å lese «Arbeidslivsdagene («Career Days») will be held this year from March 7-13″

UserTribe wants more Anthropologists!

«Hello anthropology students of Norway! UserTribe – a Danish-based research company is currently looking for Norwegian-speaking customer insights specialists with backgrounds in anthropology to join us on a freelance basis on consumer research projects in Norway. The job involves qualitative analysis of consumer behavior from a variety of industries plus reporting of insights. Perhaps thisFortsett å lese «UserTribe wants more Anthropologists!»