Student participants wanted for documentary series about student life at UiO

This is your chance to take part in a documentary series about students at UiO! Teresia Fant, a documentary director, is currently developing a cool new documentary series that will be about BA students at UiO. Teresia hopes to get in touch with BA Social Anthropology students who would like to share some of theirFortsett å lese «Student participants wanted for documentary series about student life at UiO»

Reading morning/ Lesemorgen (September 22nd)

Hello everyone!SAPU is continuing our reading sessions for the students of SAI. This week we are doing a Reading Morning for everyone. On Wednesday, September 22nd, from 8am to 12pm we will be doing some reading/socializing in auditorium 4 of SV. This week we will be serving coffee for those attending and the SV cafeteriaFortsett å lese «Reading morning/ Lesemorgen (September 22nd)»

Reading night/lesekveld

Hi You’all 🙂 The return of reading night sessions in social anthropology is here!!! Students will be meeting on campus Wednesday, September 15th at 16:00 to work and socialize through the evening. SAPU will provide snacks, coffee, and soda so you don’t lose your working spirit. We hope to see you there! Every single socialFortsett å lese «Reading night/lesekveld»

The Departmental Seminar Series features Ursula Münster! (09/06/21 – 16:00)

Title of seminar: Ursula Münster: «Weedy Belongings: Living with Postcolonial Species (invasive lantana, teak, and elephants) in South India» Abstract This paper explores the co-constituted histories of Lantana camara, colonial teak and disturbed elephants in South India. I argue that in the disturbed landscapes of the Anthropocene, questions of belonging are replaced by questions of survival:Fortsett å lese «The Departmental Seminar Series features Ursula Münster! (09/06/21 – 16:00)»

Seminar om Bacheloroppgaven! :D (31/05/2021 – 13:00)

Er du en SOSANT-student som skal skrive Bacheloroppgave om et år eller to? Da er dette et arrangment for deg! SAPU arrangerer seminar om Bacheloroppgave med Marianne Lien. Det kan kanskje virke som om det er lenge til en skal skrive Bacheloroppgaven, men tiden går fort og det kan være lurt å få litt info,Fortsett å lese «Seminar om Bacheloroppgaven! 😀 (31/05/2021 – 13:00)»

Workshop om 40-gruppe med Jonas Kure Buer 05.05.21

Er du en sosant student som skal velge 40-gruppe snart? Er du usikker på hva du skal velge?🤔 Da er dette arrangementet for deg!! SAPU arrangerer en digital workshop som vil bli ledet av Jonas Kure Buer. Han er postdoktor ved Sosialantropologisk institutt og har god erfaring i å veilede studenter til å velge riktigFortsett å lese «Workshop om 40-gruppe med Jonas Kure Buer 05.05.21»

Academic writing seminar 8.october (utgått)

In this seminar, Matt Tomlinson and Kenneth Bo Nielsen from the Department of Social Anthropology offer a hands-on guide to academic writing. Academic writing is not an art form, but it is a distinct genre with certain conventions that all universities expect their students to learn over time. Tomlinson and Nielsen will discuss different waysFortsett å lese «Academic writing seminar 8.october (utgått)»