International Students

This page is dedicated to all the international students studying Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo

Hi! Welcome to our website. Even though this website is mainly in norwegian, we still want it to be useful for all students! Therefore we would like to inform you that there is a google translate button at the bottom of each page on this website which will translate everything into english. In addition, we have plans to further develop this page for international students by adding relevant information. If you should have any ideas about what information would be useful please let us know!

What is SAPU?

SAPU is the student council of the Department of Social Anthropology at UiO (SAI). In short, our job is to function as a link between the students and the department. Part of our responsibility is to take care of the academic wellfare of each student. This of course also includes International Students, so if you have anything you would like to take up about either the study or life around the study you are welcome to contact us directly or through the Communication Responsible for International Students which can be found further down on this page. We are happy to help!

More about SAPU can be read here.

Relevant info for inter students:

Communication Responsible for International Students

Olivia Schneider